Wealth Management And Advanced Tax Planning

Our goal is to secure not only our clients’ future, but that of their children, grandchildren and generations thereafter.

Maximizing Wealth Retention

*Mackey & Associates, PLLC, provides a convenient, centralized location where we provide legal, tax and financial services for our clients, including:
  • Wealth management, advanced tax planning and asset protection through tailored strategies based on your specific needs
  • Drafting wills and creating trusts to shield you from excessive taxes and ensure that your property is passed down to future generations
  • Establishing business entities that protect your personal assets if you are involved in legal actions or a partnership dispute
  • Analyzing your business operations to implement improvements in financial management and accounting practices
  • Providing outside general counsel for high net worth clients

A Full-Service Business Law Firm Committed To Convenience

If you need both an estate planning lawyer and an accountant, you may assume that you have to schedule two appointments at two different locations in Texas. The logistical challenges of separate offices raise the possibility of communication breakdowns between a law office and accounting firm.

Combining legal and tax services in one location will provide you with a unique and necessary blend of services. Our partnership facilitates ongoing collaboration in developing strategies for your success. In addition to knowledge, insight and open lines of communication, our attorneys will adhere to the highest standards of ethics when sharing your confidential information.

Contact Mackey & Associates, PLLC

For more information on our unique, Dallas-based organization that can address your legal and financial needs under one roof, call Mackey & Associates at 214-960-2712 or fill out our online intake form.

*Mackey & Associates is not an accounting or CPA firm.